About me

IMG_1588I’m Liz Wise and I’ve spent pretty much my whole life since college working full-time, limiting my travel to what could be squeezed into a one- or two-week vacation.

My retired husband and I, having recently sold our house and put our remaining belongings into storage, are embarking on a quest for a permanent place to call home. Since we can’t decide – mountains, lake, East Coast, Rocky Mountains? – we are doing the most adult thing we could think of – postponing our decision by taking some time off.

We will be spending at least the summer – and maybe more – traveling around, hiking, seeing cities, just enjoying ourselves. If, in the course of our travels, we find a place to land permanently, then great. If we don’t, we might just continue to travel. We honestly don’t know.

It’s a weird situation. Most people are bound by jobs (no longer for us) or family. My family is in upstate New York, which is not where we want to spend our retirement years. My husband’s family is mostly in Denver, which is an option but as longtime East Coasters, we’re not sure about the climate or the altitude, although the number of days of sunshine each year is a huge draw. Walt’s only daughter and son-in-law live in Durham, North Carolina; so the mountains of western North Carolina are also in the mix.

In short, we just don’t know where to spend our golden years.

So we’re just going to have fun, see the sites, hike as much as we can and see how it all works out.