About me


IMG_4058In June 2017, my husband and I – both retirees – sold our home in Northern Virginia and began what turned out to be a yearlong quest for a place to build a retirement home.

Many people have a home base of operations – where family, friends and long-established roots commit them – and are just looking for a place to escape a cold winter. We had both moved to the Washington, DC suburbs because of our jobs. When we no longer worked in Washington, we had neither a need nor a desire to stay in Virginia.

We were looking for a place that had moderate weather 8 to 10 months of the year and was more than just a “second home” community. We also wanted access to great hiking, good medical facilities, and culture. After driving around the country and seriously considering Denver and other Colorado towns, Sedona, Arizona, and Asheville, North Carolina, we settled on Asheville. It’s got everything we want, plus it’s only 3 ½ hours from Durham, where Walt’s only daughter and son-in-law live and about 5 hours from his sister’s winter home in Hilton Head, South Carolina. My family is all in upstate New York, which is a long ways away but we’re still much closer in Asheville than any of our other potential home sites.

We have bought a piece of land with gorgeous mountain views and are in the process of building a house.

In the meantime, we’re still golfing, hiking and hoping to do much more traveling, which is what this blog is for: to track our adventures.