Day 365

So we’ve officially spent 365 days being “home free” as Walt calls it. Other than wishing we’d spent more time in some places, we’ve loved it all: traveling light, meeting new people, visiting old friends, hiking in wildly varying settings, staying in gorgeous B&Bs, eating out at all sorts of restaurants, playing golf, sleeping in, hitting the road early.

We haven’t regretted at all the large suburban house we left behind, the tons of furniture we gave away (to family and Goodwill) and sold. We haven’t need a lot of stuff on the road. It’s amazing how little you can get away with when you’re thinking of only what you need.

Before we left last year, I worked really hard to make sure I was only bringing clothes that I loved wearing and I’ve been very happy with my choices as anyone who’s seen the endless pictures of me in my lime-green hat hiking, driving car and playing golf can attest. I bought that hat at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs a couple of years ago, knowing at the time that it was exactly the hiking hat I was looking for: it had a brim to keep the sun out of my eyes, it was light, quick drying and my favorite color. Being restricted on packing space, it became my car and golf hat as well. I am well aware that most everyone hates the hat but I love it.

After our year on roaming the range, as it were, we have started building our dream retirement home near Asheville but aren’t anywhere near done traveling yet. After all, we don’t need to be here the whole time the house is being built.

No decisions on how we’ll spend the next year or so while the house is under construction but we’re as excited to find out where we’ll go as we were when we first started.

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