Days 290-292 – Eastward!

We’ve toyed with the idea of staying around in the western part of the country, there’s plenty more to see and do but we’ve decided to head East now that it’s Spring.

We’ve decided we would like to settle in Asheville, North Carolina, and since we’d like to build, not buy, a house, we’d better get started.

Our 2 ½-day route takes us from Denver all the way across Kansas and Missouri before dropping down into Kentucky near Paducah and into Tennessee just above Nashville, then across the state into North Carolina.

The weather favors us with warm, dry, sunny weather for the entire 1,500 miles.

We’re looking forward to settling in Asheville, building the retirement home of our dreams.

We’ve chosen Asheville for a bunch of reasons including its great hiking, vibrant food/arts scene, four mild seasons, and proximity to most of our family.

Our wandering won’t stop in Asheville but other than hiking locally we won’t be taking too many trips for at least the next three months. After that, what we do travel-wise will depend on where we are house-wise.

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