Day 264 – Last Hike in Sedona

For our last hike, we’ve chosen to combine two hikes from our guidebook: the Doe Mountain hike and the Aerie/Cockscomb Loop.

We start from a trailhead just west of where we parked for Bear Mountain and head counterclockwise on the 5.5-mile Aerie/Cockscomb Loop that circles Doe Mountain. It’s a pretty easy hike, only about 1,000 feet of elevation on the whole loop. The views are beautiful. We can see Chimney Rock and Bear Mountain – at different points – along with lots of other red rock formations. I fantasize about having a dog and doing this hike as a daily constitutional. It’s just so pretty, I don’t think I’d get tired of this hike any time soon.

We’re more than three-quarters of the way through the loop when we come to the junction that will take us up to the top of Doe Mountain. It’s another 500 feet in elevation but it seems pretty tame; lots of switchbacks with a very short final steep section up to the top of the mesa. We walk over the top to see the great views from the edges.

We head back down the mountain and finish our loop. It was certainly not our hardest hike – that’s a toss-up between Bear Mountain, Wilson Mountain and Sterling Pass – but it was very enjoyable. Lots of great views, a nice loop. It was a great way to end our Sedona hikes.

We top it off with ice cream cones, of course.

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