Day 258 – Rabbit Ears & Bell Rock

We’ve picked an easy hike today, just 5 miles to the distinctive Rabbit Ears rocks that we’ve seen in the distance from a number of view points.

We start from the Bell Rock Pathway parking lot, which is crammed with people coming and going to the Bell Rock and its vortex. I’m very happy when we take a turn away from Bell Rock, out past Courthouse Butte. The trail’s pretty narrow but not at all steep so we make good time.

The trail ends well before the actual rock formation but we have a good view and take a couple of selfies before we head back.

Before we get back to the car, we diverge up the Bell Rock Pathway so we can climb up the rock and experience the vortex. We go up a good ways and wander around; there’s still a lot more rock above us and we can see people who made it up very high but there’s no defined path and we realize it’s a lot easier to find a safe route up than down.

We take some more photos and then head down the rock.

Any day on the trail is a good day.

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