Days 232-239 – Taliesin & Zero Days

The weather forecast doesn’t look good for the week- rare rain and clouds – so we head off to Scottsdale to visit Taliesin West, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’ homes. We both like FLW’s architecture, especially the way he also designed interiors so that the chairs, tables and lighting fixtures were all harmonious with the building’s architecture. I have never known how to pronounce the word “Taliesin” and practice after our guide tells us it’s “tally-ess-inn” and is from a Welch word.

We enjoy our tour, do some shopping in Scottsdale (sneakers and golf shoes for Walt), have a nice late lunch and head back up to Sedona.

We spend the rest of the week going to the gym and the driving range, working on getting our taxes together. Just as the weather clears late in the week, we realize our refrigerator is not really cooling much. A quick text to our landlord brings immediate help in the form of Steve the repairman. We spend several hours while he takes apart the fridge and lets us know he needs to order a part that will be in tomorrow afternoon sometime.

We spend the next day going to the gym but anxious about straying too far in case Steve shows up with our part. We have bought a couple of cheap coolers and bags of ice, with everything stashed in the garage because it’s still pretty cool outside.

Our part doesn’t arrive until late in the day, so Steve comes over the next morning. After another several hours, he determines that he needs yet another part but because it’s the weekend, we have to wait for Monday for the order to go, which means the part won’t be here until Tuesday.

No matter. We spend our evenings watching the Olympics.

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