Day 220 – Our 4th Anniversary


It’s our anniversary and the first one we’ve been able to celebrate on the actual anniversary date because I’ve always had a work function that took me out of town the same week.

We decide to celebrate in style by sleeping in and getting massages. We’ve found a Sedona hotel that will do a couples massage and has locker rooms with Jacuzzis and saunas so we can milk the experience. I haven’t had a massage since we were in Las Vegas last summer and Walt hasn’t had one since the day we got married.

As the massage therapists are working knots out of us, I can hear Walt thinking “why haven’t I done this in four years?”

Post-hike spa days have been a treat for me since I hiked the West Coast Trail in Vancouver nearly 10 years ago and my sister-in-law and I had massages while my brother went off to wander the city and drink beer. After my 3-day Yosemite hike one summer, I spent virtually the whole day at a spa, hitting the sauna pre- and post-massage, using the Jacuzzi, reading magazines in the “relaxation room,” plus the massage. Afterward, I went to the hotel’s outdoor patio and had a glass wine and read a book. Post-hike in Vail one year, I had a late-day massage and went back to my room to find the evening turndown service included a warm chocolate chip cookie and a bottle of water. I consumed both and hopped into bed, as content as I could be.

IMG_3980After milking the facilities as much as possible in Sedona, Walt and I meet up in the lobby, freshly showered and dressed in nice clothes for a dinner out at Mariposa Latin Grill.

The restaurant has great views of the red rocks through its huge glass windows. Although it’s a little chilly to eat outside, we will definitely have to come back when the weather warms up for cocktails on the huge patio.

The food is excellent: mussels in a lip-smacking chorizo-tomato broth; a kale salad with dates, pumpkin seeds and fresh parmesan; rib-eye for Walt; grouper for me; lobster-mashed potatoes (yum!) and roasted brussels sprouts with acorn squash. We finish with a complimentary slice of vanilla cake, complete with a candle and the server’s best wishes for our anniversary.

What a lovely way to celebrate our fantastic four years of marriage.


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