Days 200-203 – Hilton Head

Our last stop before heading to sunny Sedona is a brief visit to Hilton Head and Walt’s sister and brother-in-law. Lisa and Dave have a new house and we get to be their first overnight guests. The weather is still not cooperating fully; while we have lots of sunshine, the temps aren’t going above 50 degrees, which isn’t cold but it also isn’t golfing or walking-on-the-beach weather.

Walking  Food Tour


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Anticipating this, Lisa and Dave have booked the four of us into a walking/eating tour of Savannah. We bundle up and head for our first stop, Smith Brothers Butcher Shop, which is so much more than the name implies. In addition to gorgeous looking meats, the shop sells all sorts of beverages (alcoholic water, anyone?) and bacon ketchup among all sorts of goodies. Our guide, Country – called this because of her Southern-country accent, which beats her real name of Dorothy – is funny and upbeat, just everything you’d in want a tour guide. The sausages we start with are andouille, blueberry and Tuscan, all freshly made and yummy, even to someone like me, who is not a sausage fan. Walt’s in heaven.

After enjoying the goodies, we head out to our next stop, a little pit barbecue place that I’m sure never pops up on Trip Advisor but is tasty. I’m a little disappointed that the chalkboard menu lists all sorts of cakes (chocolate pound cake, red velvet cake, etc.) but because the restaurant is actually closed for a few weeks so the owner can have a vacation, there is no cake. Ah well. Walt’s still in heaven.

There are five more stops, including a fabulous chicken sandwich at Zunzi’s, bread pudding at Cha Bella, crab pie at the Seafood Shack. We are stuffed at by the end and glad we have a couple of miles to walk back to the car, although we can’t resist taking a longer route so we can stop by Chocolat by Adam Turoni, highly recommended by Country, for a few artisan chocolates to take home.

Camellias and Football

It’s playoffs weekend so we head home to watch some football.

The next day we’re off to the Coastal Discovery Museum for a walk and some history (great exhibit on pirates) and to see the huge live oaks and (yeah) blossoming camellias.

Then it’s back home again for more football and a great dinner out before we pack up for tomorrow’s trek westward.

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