Days 186-192– Asheville, Final Week

Post-Christmas the weather is too cold for us to do much more than hibernate and get ready to hit the road again.

We’ve had a great time in Asheville but we are ready for a change. A couple of months ago, we booked another rental out west, this time for two months. It’s our other finalist for a retirement home, so we’re eager to check it out.

First, we have to eat up the food in our fridge in Asheville, sort our stuff and try to figure out what we can cram into the car. We have significantly more clothes than we did last summer, when we had carefully curated wardrobes. Unfortunately since it’s so cold (didn’t even break freezing yesterday) here right now, we still need our winter coats, hats, gloves and sweaters. Since we’ll be in Arizona until April, we will also need to keep our warm-weather clothes.

We’ve already stuffed our backpacks full of our hiking gear and sent them home with Bobby and Lauren, who will ship them to Arizona in a couple of weeks. After we each spend a night fretting, we agree to sort out our skiing clothes (we plan to spend a week or so in Colorado in late spring) and ship them to Walt’s sister’s house in Denver.

But we still have more clothes and stuff, including our golf clubs, to cram into the car than we did last summer. We shall see how it goes.

I realize that we have been “homeless” or “home free” as Walt likes to call it, for a full six months now. Our old home in Virginia feels so long ago.

We talk about how we feel about pulling up from our Asheville home, after having spent three months here. We’ve developed regular hangouts – the municipal golf course, Biltmore Fitness to work out, Moe’s Original Bar B Que down the street, the Well-Bred Bakery in Biltmore Village for cookies, the Corner Kitchen for the occasional indulgent breakfast, the Red Stag Grill for a special dinner out, etc. I get my afternoon cuddles with Charlie, the neighbor’s friendly black cat.

Walt and I have developed a routine and rhythm of sorts that’s much more like “living” somewhere than we felt all summer when we were traveling most every day or so.

We’ve enjoyed Asheville tremendously but we both agree that we’re ready to hit the road again. We’re looking forward to a week or so in Charleston, SC, just seeing the sights, enjoying the food and (if we’re lucky) playing a little golf. Then we’ll visit Lisa and Dave, Walt’s sister and brother-in-law at their house in Hilton Head before heading out west via a southern route. We spent one afternoon planning our route and booking hotels for our 3 1/2–day trip, so we’re set for that.

I’ve also spent some time looking up things to do in Charleston and booking a few meals already.

So we need to clean up the house, do a final load of laundry, finishing shoehorning everything into the car and head off to our next adventure.

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