Days 171-177 – Asheville, Week 10

The weather forecasters have been predicting about 3 inches of snow this week but, as usual, they’re wrong. We wake up one morning to snow that continues on and off for more than 24 hours. When it’s all done, we’ve got about 8 inches on the ground.

Since we knew it was coming, we just stayed inside, read, watched a Star Wars marathon and waited it out. By the time I’ve caught up on the pre-quels, the snow has started to melt.

We are heading to DC in a few days to get into our pod, see a show at the Kennedy Center, have dinner with Lauren and attend a couple of holiday parties.

But first we have to sort through all of our stuff because the primary reason we’re getting into our pod is to take stuff back to it. I pulled a bunch of clothes in September that I haven’t needed, we have some extra golf clubs, we have a huge suitcase we don’t need, etc. Oh, and there’s Walt’s bonsai pot. Definitely neither need nor room for it in the car.

We also pack for the trip, trying to make sure that we have enough clothes for our outing and still have enough room in our very small car for all of the stuff we’re putting back in the pod.

All in all, a very quiet week.

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