Days 128-134 – Asheville, Week 4

We haven’t even been in Asheville a month and we’re already making plans for where to go after we leave here. We’ve had very good luck using Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO) for our houses both in New Hampshire and Asheville so we’re using it again for our January-March plans. So far no decisions but lots of looking, both for the winter and the spring.

We focus on our golf game on the nice days, putting and taking another lesson, chipping and pitching this time.

The weather turns cloudy, windy and rainy so we head out to visit a huge “tobacco barn” of antiques. I’m a little disappointed because there are many items for sale that are either newly made of old pieces or made of new wood/iron and distressed to look old. I’m always cautious about places like this. You really have to practice “buyer beware” in all antiques shops, of course, but I’m even more cautious in ones like this.

I do find some neat items, including a bronze dachsund boot scraper, a huge old iron bracket and an interesting old wicker chair but nothing that enticing that I’m willing to shell out the high-dollar prices being asked (or that I’d be willing to pay to store).

It’s fun to look though, and there’s a bluegrass band playing in the middle of the store. A nice touch.

Despite a rainstorm, we bundle up and head out for our now-traditional Saturday night dinner out. Our destination is Moe’s Barbeque, which is a small chain in Asheville. Apparently we’re not the only people willing to brave the rain for bbq and a beer: the place is packed. We place our order and grab seats at the bar. They serve mostly local beers, on draft. I’m a huge stout fan and order the Hi-Wire coffee stout. It’s great and Hi-Wire brews just up the road, also walking distance from our rental home. I see a future Saturday night destination.

The food is excellent: smoked turkey, pulled pork, cornbread, red-beans-and-rice that rivals homemade. So good and so worth the walk in the rain.

The weather isn’t any better on Sunday so after a trip to the gym, we decide to look at some property. As we’re driving, I tell Walt I think it’s trying to snow. The sky is so gray and leaden, the rain is getting very defined, more like flakes than drops.

“It can’t be snowing. It’s 40 degrees,” he replies.

I say nothing and a few minutes later, the rain has definitely turned to snow and it’s blowing all over the place. It’s not like being in a snowstorm. There’s no way it will stick to the ground and it’s melting as soon as it hits the car, but it’s the end of October and it’s snowing.

Lucky for us, the winds pick up during the night and blows out the bad weather because we’re up early to drive up to Washington, D.C. Walt has a meeting tomorrow and I have an appointment with the dealer to get new tires on the car. We could have had this done in Asheville but Walt got quotes from both dealers and DC was significantly cheaper. He was to go to DC anyway so it’s no big deal for me to go with him and take care of this chore while he’s at his meeting.

I get the car all fixed up and have lunch with a friend before picking up Walt and heading back out of town. It’s a long drive back to Asheville but the weather is clear and we cruise along very nicely on our new tires.

Sadly, no hiking for us this week and probably not next week, either.

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