Days 91-95 – Annapolis

Before heading to Annapolis for a meeting (Walt maintains an emeritus position with the Ironworkers), we go to Baltimore for the Orioles’ last home game of the season. It’s sunny and warm and a good day for baseball.

It’s a little odd to be at a different park. We’re so used to the Washington Nationals’ ballpark. The food’s not the same, the graphics on the scoreboard take some getting used to, etc. We can’t understand why the crowd is cheering and giving a standing ovation to Orioles player J.J. Hardy (thanks to my phone, I figure out he’s a longtime player who probably won’t be coming back to Baltimore next year).

We’re staying at a lovely hotel right downtown on the water. I’d forgotten how pretty Annapolis is. Such a great little town. Lots of neat shops and restaurants, all within walking distance of our hotel.

Walt has meetings during the days so I spend my time walking, doing laundry, getting the car washed, window shopping. We meet up every evening for a lovely dinner with the rest of the group.

On Thursday, Walt heads off early for golf while I head for a ladies luncheon at Carroll’s Creek Café. A few hours later, all the ladies get on a bus to take us to the Eastern Shore for a wonderful dinner at an estate on the Wye River. We are joined by the guys, of course. It’s really a fabulous way to cap off a great week.

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