Days 86-90 – Cleaning Up

We’ve come to Northern Virginia for a few days just to get our act together. After three months on the road, we need haircuts, dental and eye exams, etc. We also need to access our storage pod for fall/winter clothes.

Walt has called ahead to ask the storage facility to pull our pod. We arrive to find it sitting outside with a few others. It’s locked up with our lock and when we open it, everything looks fine. Walt spent a lot of time packing it and tying things down as he went. Of course, we didn’t pack as smoothly as we planned and we’ve got to pull out a bunch of boxes, shift some small furniture and haul out two folding Adirondack chairs before we can get to the wardrobe box labeled “Liz’s coats.” I will need a winter coat and scarf for our fall stay in Asheville, NC.

I have made a list on my phone of things I want to get – ski clothes, boots, hair dryer, Smoky Mountains map. I think I’m doing pretty well. I have a pile of stuff crammed into a suitcase, a box of shoes, my golf clubs and several nice dresses. I know this will sound crazy but one of the things I’ve thought about is “what if someone dies and I have to go to a funeral?” For the summer, I brought two dresses suitable for weddings and several light dresses for just walking around and going to dinner but nothing formal and black. I know I could always buy a dress if I need one, but it would burn me up that I have a perfectly good, plain black sheath in my pod. So, I add one to my “take” pile, along with good black pumps.

Mind you, I’m not expecting anyone I know to die anytime soon, but I was raised by a mother who liked to be prepared for problems and that upbringing is hard to shake.

Walt grabs his clubs and ski clothes as well as a couple of winter jackets.

It’s 90 degrees – at least – out here on the pavement and we are sweating and reminded of how hot it was when we packed the pod in June.

We close up the pod, packing all of our gear in a borrowed SUV. We will have most of this stuff shipped to us in Asheville. What we will do with everything after Asheville is a bit of a mystery.

I think I’ve done well until the following morning when I start reviewing the clothes I’ve pulled and realize there are some sweaters, socks and pants that I had planned to get and don’t have. There must have been another suitcase that I didn’t see or remember at the time…

Well, there’s nothing to be done about it now. The storage facility will have put our pod back away in the building somewhere. I’m hoping I can make do with what I have and won’t need to buy a bunch of stuff. Of course, if I have to buy new clothes, then I will just go shopping, whether I want to or not.

Our time is otherwise pretty enjoyable; A couple of dinners out with friends, a movie and a stroll through Tyson’s Corner mall and we’re headed off again.


Sorting through the pod for fall/winter gear.

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