Day 84 – Asheville, North Carolina

We’ve come to Asheville just to rent a storage unit and drop off our hiking gear. We’re coming back here after Annapolis and are looking forward to spending the fall in the Smoky Mountain area.

As I’ve mentioned, Asheville is on our list of places we might want to make our permanent home so we’re excited to land long enough to get a true picture of what it’s like to live here. That’s one of our problems, there’s so many places we’ve seen that we like but we’ve decided we can’t know what it’s like to live somewhere until we actual try it out and a few days or a week isn’t going to be enough.

We’re staying tonight at the 1889 White Gate Inn, a B&B we’ve stayed at before and enjoy. The rooms are very nice, the location is great, the owners host a three-course, sit-down breakfast that is always different and scrumptious.

We are directed to a nearby Italian place, Chiesa, for dinner. We get a table on the patio in the perfect evening air, enjoying homemade pasta, mine with tuna and Walt’s with sausage and peppers. We finish with the blueberry bread pudding. It was a lovely meal; we will put this restaurant on our list to visit when we come back for the fall.

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