Day 83 – Chattanooga

We’re pretty much on a mission to get home now. We’ve done our last hike (Hot Springs) and we’re not even camping anymore, just hitting inns.

Walt and I are looking forward to being back in DC for a few days. We have hair, doctor and dentist appointments lined up before we head to a conference in Annapolis for a few more days.

We have a room at a very nice B&B on the bluff above Chattanooga and wander around a little bit before heading to friends’ house for – wait for it – a home-cooked meal!

Lisa and Allen live in a new, gorgeous house on a creek. We sit on their screened back porch and enjoy a lovely evening, made even nicer for me by the addition of their two cats, Peaches and Yoko. Peaches is a little shy but Yoko and I hit it off and I get some quality kitty time.

I like dogs (Lisa and Allen have a nice quiet, older dog named Allie) but I love kitties. We put the last of our cats to sleep in December. Except for the visit with my parents and the very short visit with Walt’s niece Jenn and her family, I haven’t seen any kitties this trip. It’s a nice topper to a very nice evening.


An Alexander Calder sculpture in the Bluff View Arts District

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