Day 74 – Friends in Prescott

We’ve left Las Vegas, the furthest west we will get on this trip. We are heading to Prescott, Arizona, to see friends but first we stop at the Hoover Dam. Walt’s taken a tour before but I’ve never seen it. We don’t take the time for a tour but drive over it, take a look from a couple of overlooks and head on our way.

The dam is amazing, of course. Walt points out the high line that has been used since the dam was first being built to lower parts down into the canyon. Hard to believe workers strung this huge cable across the gorge all those years ago.

We head off, through the scrubby desert until we finally come to another mesa and the landscape greens up a bit.

Our friends Wally and Nicole and their two children, Elli and Liam, live in a nice residential area of Prescott. After a walk around the neighborhood with the kids and their dog, we check into our funky hotel, the Grand Highland in downtown Prescott. We enjoy a lovely adults-only dinner.IMG_4307

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