Day 58 – Colorado Day Hike

Whenever we visit Walt’s sister and brother-in-law, they always come up with great hikes for us to do. Today Lisa, Dave, Lisa’s high-school friend Jan and I are headed off to a nice 5-mile loop hike not too far away. Walt opts out in favor of getting the oil changed in the car.

The weather is sunny and beautiful.

The four of us head up this lovely hike with a few steep inclines and switchbacks until we pop out on top with great views of Pike’s Peak to the south. One of the great joys of being retired, we all agree, is being able to hike on a weekday and have a very popular park nearly to ourselves. We see exactly four other people on the whole hike. We actually see more wildlife – turkeys, deer, squirrels – than we do people, which is just great.

On our way back downhill, when we are not huffing and puffing and can enjoy the scenery a bit more, we enjoy the wildflowers, the views out to the plains and some wonderful rock formations.

I wonder about snakes. We are in Colorado on a sunny day after all. Dave tells us that rattlesnakes don’t like the high elevations above 6,500 feet or so. This hike started at 7,100, so it would be really rare to see a rattlesnake. I had no idea they were elevation-sensitive. Good information.

We head back to the house, where we enjoy a fabulous charcuterie spread that Jan has put together – salami, several kinds of cheeses, fruit, hummus, tomatoes from Lisa’s garden. We agree that it’s the perfect post-hike lunch and spend the rest of the day relaxing.

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