Days 53-54 – Wedding Bound

Walt has been stunned by the beauty of the Grand Tetons. I hadn’t realized he’d never been to Jackson Hole or the Tetons and we’d very much like to come back at some point. But we’re headed on a 500-mile drive to Denver today. The start is gorgeous, with amazing views of the Wind River Mountains to the northeast.

There aren’t a lot of towns in this part of the country but at about 100 miles from Jackson, we’re in the town of Rock Springs, Wyoming, and I Google “best breakfast Rock Springs” and come up with Grub’s Diner. It turns out to be a little place with a curved counter seating maybe 15 people. Once upon a time, it was a drive-in restaurant. Breakfast is so good that we order a chocolate milkshake for the road.

The scenery that we are most fascinated by as we continue our journey through Southern Wyoming are the layers and layers of fences built to keep the snow off the highway. We can’t imagine what the wind and snow must be like to require that much fencing. And we really don’t ever want to know firsthand.

We swing by Laramie and head into Colorado, marveling again at the change of scenery. We are no longer in huge open fields. Now there are rocks and rolling foothills with the Colorado Rocky Mountains to the west. We remember that we are still looking for a place to call home and think maybe the Ft. Collins area might be worth another look at some point.

But not today.

We arrive in Denver, exhausted from the long day’s drive. After an early (and yummy) dinner at 240 Union, we crash so that we can de-trail ourselves and our car in preparation for Walt’s niece’s wedding.

I have scheduled a mani/pedi for first thing with Walt’s daughter. I apologize to the technician; neither my toes nor my fingers are in great shape. Walt takes our car to an auto detailer for a thorough cleaning. Apparently all of his girls (I think of the car as female) need a spa day.

Although we’re not in the wedding, Walt and I are invited to the rehearsal dinner. It’s so nice, again, to see a couple so in love and happy to get married. We started planning this whole trip six months ago around Lex (his niece) and AJ’s wedding and now it’s finally here.

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