Days 38-39 – Sault Ste. Marie

Today is just a catch-up day for us. I spend time working on the blog. I don’t carry a laptop or even pad and paper on the trail so the only writing that goes on while we’re hiking is in my head.

We head to the Laundromat and find one that is completely empty. You’d think we would hate this part of our trip but since we don’t have any other cleaning besides wiping out our cup and spork on the trail and sweeping out the tent every morning, it’s really not that much of a chore.

Then we stop at another outdoor store, this time to buy a few extra freeze-dried dinners.

The weather’s pretty overcast, although not as cool as I’d feared, but we’re not really in the mood to sightsee so we head to the movies to see Atomic Blonde before dinner.

Early the next morning, we’re off on a 450-mile trek to Thunder Bay, Ontario, our last night in Canada. The drive along the north shore of Lake Superior has some beautiful vistas of the lake. Neither of us has ever been through any of this area. Some of it is very boring, with flat, green areas and small towns. But then we come to another area with beautiful rocks and views of various islands in the lake.

As we get closer to Thunder Bay, I spend some time trying to find a good restaurant for dinner. We’re back to hiking tomorrow and we want a nice “last meal.” We find a great place, Lot 66, and enjoy a lovely dinner of rack of lamb for Walt and duck with blueberry sauce for me.

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