Day 37 – Killarney to Sault Ste. Marie

For some unknown reason, we had booked a campsite at Lake George, which sits at the beginning and end of La Cloche Silhouette Trail.

The last thing we want to do when we got off the trail is set up camp and spend another night in the tent. So we called back to Killarney Mountain Lodge and got a room – after we made a couple of essential stops. The first was at Killarney Outfitters for a sleeping pad repair kit and sodas. We spent some time sitting on the porch, soaking up the sun, enjoying having our feet dry and out of hiking boots. We had a great chat with the owner about the trail.

The second stop was for the “world-famous fish and chips” at Herbert Fisheries where we stuffed ourselves and had a great conversation with a family from the Netherlands that was spending two weeks “on holiday” in Canada. The parents both spoke perfect English and I regretted for the umpteenth time in my life that I never became fluent in a second language.

Our third stop was inevitable: the little store that sells soft ice cream!

And, all of this is before we showered, so we’re still pretty stinky from the trail but we haven’t noticed anyone giving us dirty looks (or maybe we’re not paying attention?). We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the lodge’s pool, soaking up sun, and drinking various beverages.

We’re now headed on our 4½-hour drive to Sault Ste. Marie, showered, well-fed, having slept in a real bed.

The drive is fairly boring and flat but the day is sunny and the top is down.

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