Day 24 – Bye-Bye to Maine

We’re leaving Maine this morning and it’s a 6-hour drive to our destination: Quebec City so yesterday we pulled up camp a night early and opted for a room at the nearby Seawall Motel. We want to be on the road by 10 and there was just no way we could break down camp, do laundry, and clean and pack the car in the morning.

It made life much simpler to take care of all the washing (us, clothes and car), drying of camping gear (it hasn’t rained again but we’ve been fogged in for 2 days and the cloud condenses in the trees, causing a constant drip) and re-packing while based in a motel room.

We’re very glad we came and that we stayed on the quiet western side, having visited the small, extremely picturesque towns of Southwest Harbor, Bass Harbor and Northeast Harbor in addition to Bar Harbor.

As we drive toward Canada, we become increasingly happier with our decision to do our chores yesterday so we could leave on time this morning. We hit road construction in several different towns and we get held up, then diverted briefly, for an accident. Finally, we arrive at the border and the very polite Canadian official takes one look at our packed little car and decides we must be hiding something.

Half an hour later, Walt and I are re-packing our packs and car, the officials having pulled out pretty much every bag we have. No matter. We are on our way.

We find our way pretty easily to our hotel. It sits on one of the main streets but it’s one of the many old stone houses that have been renovated into a commercial establishment. We have a lovely room and are walking distance to all of old Quebec City so we are well content to wander out and find dinner before calling it a night.


Our Quebec City hotel.

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