Day 23 – View of the Clouds

Our final full day in Maine is very cloudy/foggy. We’ve mapped out a hike on the western side of the island, near Long Pond, thinking that we will have views to the north and west that we haven’t seen before. And maybe we would have, if we’d had any sort of view at all.

We hike up the Perpendicular Trail, which essentially consists of stone steps going up for nearly 1,000 feet to the top of Mount Mansell. When I ask Walt how he’s doing, he replies: “It’ll all be worth it for the view at the top,” knowing full well he’s only going to get a view of 50 yards of rock and trees.

It’s actually pretty interesting to be hiking in a cloud at such a low elevation. It’s warm and yet the trees are dripping on us. I take a picture of an area that is filled with dozens of spiderwebs, not on the trail but off in a grassy area. I’m also noticing lots of orange and yellow mushrooms. And there are beautiful patches of vibrant green moss.

We head down into the Great Notch (a col), then over a “nubble” (small mountain), then into another notch before making a last push up to Bernard Mountain. Again, no view, but there are a couple of wooden benches at the “overlook” and we have a nice snack and rest before continuing our loop back to the car. We’ve only done 4½ miles today but we’ve done about 250 feet more of elevation than yesterday, so we feel like we’ve had a pretty good workout.

At the car, we look out a Long Pond. We can’t see very far but I take a photo anyway and it turns out to be one of the best photos I’ve ever taken (see below).

The cool weather has made us disinclined to go in search of ice cream but we make up for it during dinner in Southwest Harbor, where we each have a blueberry dessert (pie for Walt, crisp for me) accompanied by ice cream.


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