Day 22 – Somes Sound from the East

Acadia was on the western side of Somes Sound, so we head to the eastern side of the sound where there are many mountains and trails. We chart out a loop that will take us up Parkman Mountain, down to a col (the low spot between mountains) then up to Gilmore Peak, then down again before heading up to Sargent Mountain.

The trails, again, are steep and rocky but very pretty. When we get to Sargent we have a view of Eagle Lake to the east and we can see cars driving up Cadillac Mountain just past it. We know everyone on the island is supposed to go to the top of Cadillac but we’re just not in the mood to hike to the top of another mountain where most everyone else has driven. Part of the joy of hiking mountains is the quiet and peace of being at the summit. Sure, there’s often other people but the number of people who hike is very small compared to the number who drive. It’s great that there are mountains that have roads to the top so that non-hikers get to experience the incredible summit views; but there are plenty of other mountains for me to hike.

It’s a very sunny, warm day. Sargent is lovely with its views and a breeze. We eat our snack before hiking a ridge line down to a junction where we decide to forego our fourth peak of the day and just head out. We still get a 6-mile day.

Since it’s sunny, we head down the road a bit to Northwest Harbor, another quaint little town with galleries, jewelry shops and, yes, ice cream. The soft-serve machine is down but we make do with hard ice cream.

After showers, we head down to Thurston’s on the other side of Bass Harbor for dinner. We wait 20 minutes to order but it’s worth it for what Walt calls “the best lobster I’ve ever eaten.”

We have another campfire with toasted marshmallows and crawl into our tent well content with our day.

Pictures: Walt on his way to the top. The view from Sargent. The gull sitting on the ridge. Our friendly neighborhood showers. Thurston’s vintage truck.

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