Day 18 – Last Day in New Hampshire

We wake up to rain. That’s OK. The only items on our agenda today are laundry, packing up and having a last dinner out in Wolfeboro.

We’ve really had a good time in New Hampshire. We’re a bit sorry that we haven’t used the kayaks that were available to us to explore Crescent Lake. Walt had also hoped to do some fishing in the lake. But we can only pack so much into our days.

Today ends the longest time we will be in one spot on this trip. It also marks the last time this summer that we will be staying in an actual house. From now on we will either be camping or staying in a hotel – about 50-50 time-wise. We’ve liked having a kitchen, a spare bedroom to store our gear, and a spot to sit (comfortably) outside. Then there’s the view over the lake, which is lovely even when it’s raining.

Plus, our hosts, Kim and Nanci Rossi, were very helpful and accommodating, offering information about boat tours and places to eat and encouraging us to enjoy our time to the fullest. We really couldn’t have asked for a better place to stay in New Hampshire and we still have more we’d like to explore here.

But it’s all good. We’re eager to head to our next destination.

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