Day 13 – The Millie B

It’s a Saturday and the weather forecast doesn’t look so great so we sleep in and decide to spend our day exploring the nearby town of Wolfeboro, billed as New Hampshire’s Oldest Resort.

We walk down the converted railroad tracks path and head for the city dock. We’re looking for the Millie B, a mahogany wood boat, a reproduction of a 1928 Hacker-Craft. We buy tickets for the next tour and head out a few minutes later, seated in the front next to the captain.

Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and, judging by the real estate ads we’ve seen, it’s filled with beautiful lakefront summer homes. While the boat itself is a faithful reproduction – our guide tells us the nearby New Hampshire Boat Museum strips, sands and re-varnishes (3 layers) the mahogany every winter – its engine is modern so make some speed across the lake. The breeze is welcome on this hot day although I pull my hat down over my eyes. I love my silly lime-green hat. I hike in it, wear it in the car when the roof’s down and would hate to lose it.

We’re shown various large houses with elaborate boathouses, including a sale-priced $25 million, 38,000-square-foot house with a 14-car garage owned by Bob Bahre, who used to own the New Hampshire NASCAR track. Follow this link ( and scroll down for an aerial photo of the house. It’s over the top. We’re also told the owner pays $1,000/day in taxes on the estate, which is just staggering.

Anyway, we do enjoy seeing the various houses with their boathouses and slides and huge inflatable rafts. We’re sorry there are no loons at the loon sanctuary but not really surprised; they’re awfully cautious creatures.

Our guide also points out the “best hot dog in town” sold by a guy with a cart at the other end of the dock. Walt’s tempted but we bypass it in favor of a craft show at the Brewster Academy and Walt is now tempted by the kettle corn. As we enjoy our treat, we wander the craft show, keeping an eye on the very black cloud hovering ever closer. Soon it starts to rain and we take shelter in a tent where we spend half an hour or so finishing the kettle corn and waiting for the rain to taper off.

We make a brief foray through the town’s shops – I may be on a buying near-moratorium but that doesn’t mean I don’t like to look and, as mentioned before, I can always buy chocolates. Or, in this case, locally made fudge. I do love my sugar. I’m sure it’s a good thing that I also like to hike; it helps balance out the sweet tooth. At least that’s the plan but I’m not so sure how how much hiking I’m going to need to do as we stop at the ice cream stand for cones before walking back home to spend the rest of the day quietly reading and writing by the lake.


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