Day 5 – First Wedding of the Trip

We found our Rhinebeck hotel, the Beekman Arms – billed as “the oldest inn in America” – and crashed yesterday, sleeping much longer than we had planned. I guess all of the effort of packing everything, buttoning up the house and driving, not to mention the flat tire, is just now catching up with us.


We decide to take it easy, enjoying a leisurely breakfast at the inn before exploring the quaintness that is Rhinebeck. There are antique shops, restaurants, cute little boutiques and a chocolate store to be investigated. This is my favorite kind of shopping, just wandering interesting, locally owned shops. In recent years, if I’ve bought much of anything, the items have been as gifts for other people. Now, I don’t have room in the car to do even that much, which is fine; I still like to look.

Chocolate, however, can always be purchased because it doesn’t last very long in my possession.

Despite the restrictions of our car, I am captivated by – and buy – a single chromolithograph block. In the late 1800s and early 1900s, scenes were printed on wooden blocks – 1 scene per side so that a single puzzle had 6 variations. There were all sorts of blocks being offered for sale, probably from several different puzzles but I just sorted through until I found one that had nice colors and scenes: a bird flying, a little thatched cottage, a sailboat and an odd dinosaur, among them. It just seemed nice to have a souvenir of the start of our journey. And, it fits in the car.

After a little chocolate and coffee, we get ready for my brother’s wedding, which is being held at another old hotel, this one sited a few miles away on the Hudson River. The ceremony was lovely; Matt and Monica are just as happy and in love as you’d ever want to see newlyweds and we’re very happy to be part of the festivities.

My phone doesn’t fit in my evening purse, so I don’t have much of a record of the evening, just a few photos Walt took during the ceremony.


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