Packing the Pod

June 23, 2017

After 2 months of sorting, selling and giving away belongings that we don’t want, we have packed away everything we want to keep in a single 16x8x8 pod that will get stored for us.

It has been an interesting experience, assessing each of our possessions and asking “is it worth storing for 2 years?” (since we think we will be traveling for a year and then hope to build a house, our best guess is that we won’t see most of our stuff for that long).

We can access the pod at the storage site, so we will have to make stops back in the area if we desire fall or winter clothes, our skiing, tennis or golfing equipment. Otherwise, we don’t expect to open the boxes containing our books, dishes or knickknacks until we’ve finally created a home for ourselves.

Even harder than choosing what to keep has been the realization that the pod leaves the house a week before we do, so we have to keep things out that are going on the trip (naturally) but also things we need to survive for the next week – pillows, blankets, coffeepot, dishes – but are willing to give away at the very end because it will be too late to pack in the pod.

Weird because typically you get rid of things early that you know you don’t need to keep and we need to hold till the very end a few things that we won’t mind pitching.

This is without a doubt the strangest moving process.

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