Not in an RV?

For the past four months, my retired husband and I have been selling, donating and tossing most of our worldly possessions – downsizing our four-bedroom house into a 16×8 storage unit – so that we can hit the open road.

We will be spending the next two months traveling from our Northern Virginia home to Denver via a northern route. The genesis for the trip is my husband’s niece’s wedding in Denver in late August. We’d already begun the planning when my brother proposed to his girlfriend, so now his wedding at the beginning of the summer will serve as the East Coast bookend to our trip.

Virtually everyone we have told of our plan assumes that we will be traveling in an RV. You know, something cushy with indoor plumbing and a queen-size bed. We have no intention of taking the easy way out. Although we are retirees, we will be traveling in a small convertible, spending about half of our time overnight hiking (as in, carrying all of our bedding, food, stove, gear on our backs), the other half in various hotels.

So, come along with us as we play like the carefree kids that we don’t look like but sure feel like inside.

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